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Selecting a Part D plan in 2017 will be no different than years past and there are several factors to consider. However, there are at least two mistakes that are often repeated and add $100's of dollars of additional costs in the Part D plan alone.

The second common mistake is not considering the pharmacy one is most likely to use to fill the Part D prescription. Cost may vary from one pharmacy chain to another and of course mail order is typically less than walking into a retail pharmacy. Many times a Medicare Part D plans co-pays, can vary by as much as $20 for a 30 day supply (more if the drug is not on a plans formulary) from one pharmacy to the next. Multiply this by 12 months and just 3 drugs with a $20 variation and your part D plan can cost $720 more in co-pays.

For 2017 there are several ways to find the best Part D plan.

  • Get help from a trained Medicare Part D advisors - call us now at 610-399-8700, or Submit a request at the "find and compare" button and an advisors will contact you within 24 hours. (We strive for 30 minutes or less during regular business hours)
  • Follow this link – Here – and you will be directed to a partner site where you review Part D Plans on your own. No salesman will call unless you ask.
  • Search plans on your own then submit a request for conformation, and enrollment information.
  • Enroll directly online with no interference or discussion with an advisor.

Advice and assistance provided by the Senior Advisors Group and/or our partners providing online information and enrollment. The Senior Advisors Group is best reached by submitting a request at this link or the “Find and Compare Button”. They are available to assist you in your search and asked only that once you decide on the best plan that you complete your enrollment via their group. There is no cost to you but allows them to help others like you find the best Part D and Medicare Supplement plan available.

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Which Part D plan is best for you in 2017?

Medicare Part D plans will change again in 2017. The question for Medicare Part D recipients is – Do the changes to my plan affect me? Part D 2017 was created with expert assistance from the Senior Advisors Group. Our Part D plan website will assist in Part D selection and help seniors navigate the Medicare Part D Drug plans for 2017. After consulting Medicare Insurance specialist with over 25 years of Medicare and Insurance expertise from the Senior Advisors Group, we have assembled several methods for individual to search and get assistance on Medicare Part D and Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans. Our goal is to help seniors find the right Part D plan, and the most cost effective supplemental insurance or Medicare advantage plans.
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*Source: Medicare.gov
Plan Description Total Cost*
Plan 1 Best Choice $1,108.44
Plan 2 2010 Best Seller $1,255.20
Plan 3 2010 Top 3 plan $1,816.43
Plan 4 Lowest Premium $2,560.09
Courtesy of the Senior Advisors Group